Best ICSE Schools In Patna Best School Patna
  • Best School In Patna
    • Primary block, Laying a strong foundation
  • Best Schools Patna
    • Best Schools In Patna
    • Strive for excellence in every sphere
  • Best Schools Of Patna
    • ICSE School In Patna
    • An Enlightened Mind
  • ICSE Schools In Patna
    • School Patna
    • Strong and Clear Principles
  • School In Patna
    • Schools In Patna
    • A spirit of Tolerance and Appreciation
  • Schools Patna
    • Act: what is right and just
  • Patna Best Schools
    • Patna Schools
    • Eloquence in the Art of expression
  • Patna School
    • Stress on Observation and judgement
  • St. Xavier’S High School Patna
    • Emphasize on Personal development
  • St. Xavier’S High School In Patna
    • Multifaceted exposure to students
  • St. Xavier’S High School In Patna
    • Honoring the Bravehearts
  • St. Xavier’S High School In Patna
    • In flag is our identity
  • St. Xavier’S High School In Patna
    • In Search of Tranquility
  • St. Xavier’S High School In Patna
    • Oh Father of our Nation, Lead us to Truth
  • St. Xavier’S High School In Patna
    • Swimming against the Tides
  • St. Xavier’S High School In Patna
    • Tender Ones Becoming Stronger
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Dear Parents, Teachers and Students, Change is a desirous thing and all us want change in life in one or the other way. Education is one field where educationists, parents and students constantly look for change with respect to evolving contexts and challenges. Michael Fullan, a noted educationist talks of three areas where change could occur: the possible use of new materials (curriculum materials and technologies), the possible use of new teaching approaches and the possible alteration of beliefs. St. Xavier’s with a change in leadership looks forward to carry ahead these notions and the Ignatian legacy...

Fr. A. Christu Savarirajan, SJ
St. Xavier's High School, Patna


It is a matter of great pleasure and pride for me to be part of this esteemed Educational Institution. St. Xavier’s provides a platform for our students for a multi-faceted development, where they are motivated to channelize their potentialsin the pursuit of excellence. We strive to make the best possible efforts to inculcate human values combining with academics and extra-curricular activities in...

Fr. Devashish Prasad, SJ
St. Xavier's High School, Patna

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