In Jesuit Education, co-curricular activities play an important role. A particular feature of these activates is that the students from lower classes onwards learn under the supervision and guidance of the teachers to do things for themselves. G. K Quiz, Elocution, Debate, Science and Social Science exhibition, Drawing and Painting, Spelling Bee, Dramatics, Dance, Singing, Rangoli, Fancy Dress, Pantomime, etc. are some the competitions at the inter house level and inter school level that are being conducted.

Athletic and sports programmes invite the participation of all the students since we believe that healthy competition on the playing fields tends to develop a corporate spirit, striving for excellence and other qualities of mind and heart and character most needed for future leaders.

Each student, during the first year in the school, is assigned to one of the four teams/houses: Tigers, Lions, Panthers and Leopards. When needed in the various activities he/she is expected to respond to the call of the captain to represent the team/house in whatever activity or sport he/she is invited to. Table Tennis, Chess, Basketball, Swimming, etc. are some of the known events of the school. We have a beautifully renovated and modern swimming pool in the school, and the class wise poolside parties are ever cherished by all.

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