Album Title: English Debate Competition 2019
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  • Event date: 07/05/2019
  • Updated on: 07/05/2019
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Description: “When students participate in debates, they learn to study issues in depth and form perspectives, a skill I use everyday in the Senate” ; these words by the former President of the United States of America , Barrack Obama, lays emphasis on the importance of debates. The English Debate Competition of classes 9 and 10 was held on 7th May,2019. It was coordinated by Miss Kumud Henry and other English teachers. The venue of the competition was the the Auditorium Hall. We had the privilege of having distinguished judges from various reputed institutions. The judges were Mrs. Hasuli Ghosh Dastidar, faculty of English in Carmel High School, Sr. Celine AC, Head of the Department of History, Patna Women’s College and Mrs. Roseline Anthony – Faculty of English in St. Michael’s High School. The debate began with the introduction of our judges followed by the words of motivation by our reverend Fr. Principal. First the participants from Std IX A expressed their opinions on the Topic “Money causes more harm than good”. It was followed by the students of std IX (ICSE). They put forth their views logically on the topic “Home cooked food can never be replaced by microwave or fast food”. Before the commencement of the results the students from the audience presented their views on the topic. They proved the truth of the statement that the purpose of debate is to express oneself and to speak one’s heart out on a given topic. All the participants gave the best of themselves and while only a few one, everyone learnt a great deal from it. Then started the Debate Competition of Std. X. The topic of Std.X A was “Teenagers should be free to do what they like.” All the debators presented their views clearly,confidently and competently .It was followed by debate competition of Std X (ICSE).The topic for them was “Marks scored by students in the examination reflect their knowledge.” It was a delight to watch the young debators who put forth their arguments and left no stone unturned to impress our honorable judges. It is truly said that to those with truly open minds , debates can broaden and deepen reasoning and communication skills. Now it was the turn of the students from the audience to showcase their oratory skills. A word of encouragement is worth more than an hour of praise. The eminent judges were invited to say a few words and to give the young debators some valuable tips. Then the results were announced. Though some won all of them had given evidence of their prowess. “With this, English Debate Competition closed with a vote of thanks by Mrs. Sucheta Roy. James Plath has rightly remarked”,The best ending resonate because they echo a word ,phrase or image from earlier in the story and the person is prompted to think back to that reference and speculate on a deeper meaning.

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