There are three school buildings, one for the Kindergarten (two-storied), second for the Primary School (five-storied) and the third for the Secondary School (three-storied), with language, science laboratories for Physics, Chemistry and Biology, two multi-purpose halls and other spacious classrooms and a library. St. Xavier maintains five computer labs with over 200 computers equipped with Microsoft Windows and Zip drives. By early 2008, St. Xavier had become the first schools in Bihar and one of the first schools in Eastern India to use Smart Boards in classrooms. The school has installed Smart Class from First to 12th grade. Every classroom of St. Xavier’s is now equipped with Smart Classes

The school has city-wide transportation services for its students and teachers, operated by private school bus owner pandey bus services.

In 2010 the school installed CCTV cameras in school campus and corridors for monitoring school premises and students in the school. The school ground was given a beautiful look by reviving the lush green grass.

Patna doesn’t have a real korfball court. In August, 2012, St. Xavier’s announced to construct a dedicated Korfball court at Xavier’s for the use of Korfball Association of Bihar (KAB) & future korfball stars.

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