School Motto

The Motto of the institution is “For God And Country”. The implied meaning is a declaration of loyalty or fealty to both God and country. Obviously since God comes first, if there is ever a question as to picking one or the other, the phrase is meant to imply that God comes first in loyalty. This rarely is actually the case though, as people freely kill for their country in violation of one of the ten commandments put forth by their god, thus people tend to choose obedience to man as a priority to obedience to God despite their idealized priority.

Irrespective of this irregular use, the meaning is still the same: for god and country is a declaration of loyalty to god first and then to country. It means those people who have adopted that slogan are doing what they do for god and country.


This list of school slogans contains a variety of topics relating to school, from school spirit slogans to senior slogans to educational slogans to anti bullying slogans. Some of the common slogans used by the Xaverians are-

  • Once a Xaverian always a Xaverian.
  • St. Xavier’s School till the end, Xavier’s for life.

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