In my opinion, “A true XAVERIAN” is the one who strives to become better every successive day, not only in academics but also in humanitarian values”.

It is an honor for me to become the president of student council in such a prestigious institution. I am very grateful to all my teachers and principal who thought of me to be capable of fearing the great responsibility of leading the student council team. And I promise to establish discipline in our school and maintain its decorum. Our school aims at transforming every individual to become men and women of Competence, Conscience, Compassion and Commitment. Being a member of Student Council brings me a step closer to achieve the goal. The dedication of our teachers is inevitable which stirs the mind and soul of very student. The positive essence and good vibes of St. Xavier’s High School certainly has something that no other school has which “moulds and builds our character to face the world and win”.

So let us all remember the motto of our school, “For God and Country” along with the words of St. Ignatius of Loyola, “ Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam”- For the Greater Glory of God”.


I am very grateful to almighty and my peers by the virtue of which I am selected as a president of this prestigious institute.

In this era of knowledge and technological advancements where everyone is running to get the success, I have been chosen with more expectation where I would be able to add more stars to this prestigious Institute by delivering our best in the field of academics, cultural developments and inculcating the true moral values in the future generations. So, we all have to take pledge to contribute to best of their efforts which could make our society more secured and loved places to lead quality Life by the citizens. Now I may conclude with the great hope from all of you in making our institution proud and valuable to the society. At last, I want to conclude that I will be a leader not just to represent but will work in collaboration with each one of you to achieve the best for our school.

Once and for all we may recall our Motto For God and country. Proud to be a Xavierian, Jai Hind!


We the Xaverian’s are quite fortunate to have received the opportunity of studying in this prestigious institution with the guidance and blessings of our respected fathers and teachers, our school is attaining new peaks of success day by day. It’s really an honor for me to be the president of this school. For me it’s like a dream coming true. It is said that students are the future of our country and St. Xavier’s High school has given us a platform to develop our true leadership potential, so that, in future we can lead our country to a better path of development. To serve and live ‘For God and Country’ is our motto, so let us try our best to excel ourselves in all spheres of academic life and work for the “Greater Glory of God”, So that, in future we can lead our country to a better path of development. so that we can bring fame and glory to our school and maintain its dignity and legacy forever and ever.

My wonderful years at this prestigious institution, St. Xavier's High School has left an indelible impression on my heart and soul and has shaped my life in many beyond measure. The love and the guidance of Fr. Rector, Fr. Principal and Fr. Vice Principal and all the teachers and the support and cooperation of all of you my dear friends has made this you are special for me as the President. I wish all of you all the very best. Make the best of this opportunity and convert all your potential into actuality. So let's work very hard and take our school to new Heights. Remembering the motto of our school "For God And Country".

Oh its fine , its great , its marvellous
St. Xavier's Gold and Blue
We learn to serve our fellowmen
For God And Our Country too.

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