Album Title: Kilkari A Wonderla
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  • Event date: 19/02/2020
  • Updated on: 19/02/2020
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Description: Kilkari: A Wonderla Dr. Punam Gupta (Teacher) St. Xavier’s High School,Patna Our visit to Kilkari, Bal Bhawan on 19th February was discovering a treasure house in our city. I along with eleven students were very warmly welcomed at the entrance with a tilak and a chocolates. Crossing the dusty roads and entering the green premises of the Bal Bhavan was like entering a fairyland. The sprawling green lawn with the artifacts caught our attention first. We are highly obliged to Mr. Rajiv Ranjan Srivastava and Sudhir ji who helped us giving lots of information, moving around the place. The cool, calm, peaceful, clean ambience of the place itself was speaking a lot. With the welcome on notice board to our visit to music rooms , dance class, library, playground, science lab, Mitti ka ghar, art and craft zone, dramatics- all were mesmerizing. All the things were very well arranged and organized. There we had an opportunity to see short films on Kilkari in the theatre. The construction of the whole building on ‘bala design’ was unique. With the symbolic representation of actions and emotions through various designs on the walls, every nook and corner had to tell many more things. The special attraction for us were the uncemented angan or the courtyard, adjacent to every room was the coolest corner, the depiction of human face on bamboo pieces, swings of jute, coffee painting ,dot painting, the names of rooms as –‘ pet pooja ghar’, ‘mathapachhi karyalaya’ ‘singhasan battisi’, ‘bachha bank’ was really appealing and very catchy. It is very encouraging to see that the works of children are published and circulated all over India. The publishing of one such book, ‘Sab mein hain khubian’ by a girl of class V of our school is really encouraging. The special attraction was the clay art. Along with the children I too touched and felt the wet clay with my hands on the wheel while making an earthen pot with the help of Guru ji. The most valuable things are being imparted at very nominal cost at Kilkari which is really praiseworthy. The free bus service by the institution adds an extra facility to children living at distant places. The models of giraffe and elephant with waste plastic bottles, curled with green creepers was very eye-catching and meaningful. We spent almost two and a half hours making full use of every minute. At the end the children were offered snacks to satiate their hunger which was welcomed as a very warm gesture. Kilkari is an ocean in which we could take only few dips. It is a boon for the children who are reservoirs of untapped talents which can he shaped and nurtured by experienced and practiced hands. My special thanks to Rajiv ji without whose support and cooperation this visit would have been impossible. All my best wishes for ‘Kilkari’.

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